Dolmar Chainsaw Reviews

September 5, 2013

By Mike Hart

Dolmar Chainsaw Review

German company Dolmar is one of the earliest manufacturers of chainsaws. The company’s founder, Emil Lerp developed the first “type A” saw in 1927. This early saw operated by two men was first tested at Mount Dolmar in the Thuringer forest which is where the company’s name originated. In 1930 they developed the first lightweight “type C” chainsaw which gained successful sales in both Europe and overseas. In 1952 they manufactured the first one-man operated chainsaw called the Dolmar “CP”.  Since then brushcutters, trimmers, power cutters, waterpumps and blowers have joined the line of products from Dolmar.

Dolmar Chainsaw Reviews: Lightweight gasoline powered:
Dolmar offers both gasoline and electric chain saws starting off with the smallest of the gasoline line the PS-32 –displacement of 32cc, power rating of 1.35 kW (1.8 HP) and a net weight of 9.02 lbs. This model is considered the entry model of gasoline chain saws.

Next, is the PS-35 with a displacement of 35cc, power rating of 1.7 kW and a net weight of 9.7 lbs.

Dolmar’s lightweight line continues with the PS-45 & PS-350
All Dolmar’s lightweight line features a memory powered ignition (MPI) for easy restarting, adjustable oil pump, 4 steel springs for low-vibration, touch and stop one-lever control and easy start spring assisted starter.

Dolmar Chainsaw Reviews: Mid-range gasoline powered:

Mid-range in the gas powered saws is the PS-351 with a displacement of 34.7 cc, power rating of 1.7 kW and net weight of 10.8 lbs this saw is for both the professional and weekend warrior with the benefits of a large saw in a lighter package.
Next, is the PS-420 with a displacement of 42cc, power rating of 2.7 kW and weight of 10.56 lbs. The mid-range line continues with the PS-421, PS-510, PS-5105, PS-5105 H, PS-6100 & PS-6400.

All of Dolmar’s mid-range saws feature a centrifugal clutch, catalytic converter for clean exhaust gasses, lateral chain tensioning, and tooless air filter maintenance.
Dolmar Chainsaw Reviews: Larger, professional use gasoline powered: Getting in to the larger, more every day-use professional saws is the PS-6400 H with a displacement of 64 cc, power rating of 3.5 kW and net weight of 14.5 lbs. this saw has the power for tree felling and stripping but is still considered lightweight for its class.

Next, is the 6400W with a displacement of 64cc, power rating of 4.1 kW and weight of 15.2 lbs. The large range continues with the PS-7310, PS-7310 H, PS-7910, PS-7910 H and finishes with the largest gasoline saw on the Dolmar line is the PS-7910W with a displacement of 78.5, power rating of 4.3 kW and weight of 15.6 lbs.

All of Dolmar’s larger saws have proven reliability and are known for their lightness and durability in comparison to other chainsaws in their class on the market. They have an integrated chain brake, vibration damping, decompression value, optimum chip flow through and handle heating system. Also, in the larger line is the heavy duty filter for long life dusty operations. These filters fit the PS-6400/7300/7900 models and have a three-stage air filter system – fleece filter, paper filter cartridge and the nylon pre-filter. It’s available as a retrofit kit.

They offer both power and torque for the professional and occasional user, they are efficient for any and all forestry work such as tree felling, limbing and stripping.  For plug-in convenience consider the ES-173 electric saw good for small cutting and limbing projects.

Dolmar offers a “know how” section on their website that shows the user how to clean the air filters, check chain lubrication, the correct fuel to oil mixture and more.

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