McCulloch Chainsaw Reviews

September 24, 2013

By Mike Hart

McCulloch chainsaw reviews are universally filled with appreciation and reverence for the iconic American brand. This fact is unsurprising to any familiar with the history of this great American company. McCulloch has a fantastic reputation for quality workmanship and intelligent design.

Robert McCulloch founded McCulloch Motors Corporation in 1943. A few years later the company moved from Wisconsin to California and produced its first chainsaw. This was a two-person model called the 5-49. Shortly after that, in 1949, McCulloch Motors revolutionized the North American woodworking industry by introducing a lighter chainsaw that could be operated by only one person. This was called the 3-25. Over the next decade McCulloch Motors expanded into new markets and changed its name to McCulloch Corporation.

In 1968 McCulloch introduced the world’s lightest chainsaw. The Power Mac 6 weighed only eight and a half pounds when fully fueled. It was quickly followed by the Mini Mac 1 and electric chainsaws. Over the next two decades McCulloch added several other models to its product range. This included garden equipment such as leaf blowers, string trimmers, and hedge trimmers. The corporation also moved its base of operations to Tuscon, Arizona in 1988. McCulloch chainsaw reviews continued to be a glowing endorsement of the company’s original values. Today McCulloch is a part of the Husqvarna Group. Husqvarna is also internationally known for their reliability and commitment to quality. Click here to see other gas chainsaw reviews.

McCulloch now offers an extensive line of powerful, reliable garden tools such as hedge trimmers, garden tractors, lawn mowers, and chainsaws. The strong tradition of technical innovation, cutting edge design, and powerful engines that made McCulloch famous continues to this day. Carefully designed for performance and durability, a McCulloch chainsaw will reflect this history and craftsmanship. McCulloch developers work hard to continue to make strides in efficiency, safety, user-friendliness, and environmental responsibility. Environmental impact is an important focus for McCulloch. Increasing performance and power while reducing noise levels, emissions, and fuel consumption is accomplished by constant research and innovation. Even the materials used in the manufacture of McCulloch chainsaws are selected with the environment in mind. Technicians and designers keep up with the latest technologies related to the reduction of waste and the minimization of environmental impact when considering new materials and emissions standards. McCulloch designers always strive to surpass legislated minimum legal standards for new technology and products.

Many of the newer McCulloch Chainsaws come equipped with OxyPower engines. This exciting new patent technology increases fuel efficiency available power while reducing exhaust emissions. OxyPower engines meet the highest standards for exhaust efficiency in both Europe and the US. Some models are even equipped with catalysts to ensure a lower exhaust temperature compared to other technologies. OxyPower technology can help boost both product safety and life-span.

McCulloch chainsaw reviews will also make clear the enthusiasm of the consumer for the aesthetic and practical appeal of the product. McCulloch has employed industrial designers to tweak seemingly minor factors like color, form, and texture. These little touches all add up to a distinctive product that has the aggressive styling and dynamic lines that appeal to the modern chainsaw enthusiast. The unique range of current models reflects cutting-edge design theory while also holding staying true to the rich history of the company. Mindful design incorporates features like combined controls, an integrated combi-tool, soft start, a fuel level window, a decompression valve, filter attachment clips, and a tool-less tensioner to make the McCulloch chainsaw more than just a standard yard and garden product. A McCullough chainsaw is a carefully designed tool with the historic appeal of a proud tradition and the modern design elements to ensure a satisfying experience.

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